Joe Victor

In 2014 Joe Victor was born.
Started by playing mainly at night, in the clubs of Rome for a year, as a resident band in some night clubs (even five times a month) with absurd schedules and even for 4 hours of live set, out of the usual circuit, managing to recreate the atmosphere of concerts made of sweat, places little ones, alcohol and dancing, playing their own songs and covers seamless, and often writing many songs of the first record in those situations.
It's a world that likes and immediately attracts the interest of the public of the capital.
After a year of Rock and Roll, Joe Victor published his first work "Blue Call Pink Riot" in 2015 for the label Bravo Dischi e in two years he plays more than 200 times throughout Italy, and also abroad, from Vienna, to the Sziget Festival in Budapest and to London.
Joe Victor does not believe in genre definitions but that musical writing is a casual and imaginative path that it is based on taste and dream; there are no musical styles or sonority to be preferred.
You play what we like and this is mainly that that you want to convey: the great surprise that a song can give through the hidden secrets it knows to contain. If you can play it.
In 2017 he recorded his second studio work with Matteo 
Cantaluppi; the record is called "Night Mistakes" and will come published on 13 October 2017 by Bravo Dischi and distributed from Believe Digital. The album will be premiered on September 22nd from the single Disco Folk Genial.