Weird Bloom


Agente: Alessandro Ceccarelli


Contatto per booking: Rosaria Uricchio

Telefono: +39 02760851

Weird Bloom

Rome, Italy's Weird Bloom (previously Weird Black) announce the new album odyssey of otherworldly audio adventures with Blisstonia available January 12 through the We Were Never Being Boring collective imprint (aka WWNBB). Luca di Cataldo’s band introduce the follow-up to their debut Hy Brazil with news of their upcoming performance showcase at Eurosnic Noorderslaag (ESNS2018) in Groninga, NL happening January 17-20.

Featured stateside last spring at SXSW 2017 and getting ready to repeat in 2018, Weird Bloom describes the realization of their sophomore album as one big effort. “Our first album Hy Brazil was recorded in 10 days as a lo-fi and lo-budget experiment,” Luca described, “This time was different, we started to walk on a different path – I’m still on that path – made of chords and pop structures [that are] very hard to manage." Luca & Matteo draw upon inspiration involving wizards & 1960s counterculture styles of sounds & visions that revolve around Italian 80s cartoons, television themes and more.

Surrealistic images are built by the way they blend sentences to make new paths out of common expressions. “I had this idea of filling songs with melodies and parts taken from fairy tales and goofy cartoon TV themes and also wanted a modern result and coherence with the first album," Luca continued to explain, "The strong thread of our songs is always the same but a new language was necessary on the instrumental side. Matteo [percussionist] was very helpful for lyrics and backing vocals and I got the help of other friends musicians during the recordings. We had to re- build our studio to develop these tracks.” With the band currently available for booking press opps, the duo remains committed to their #stayweird philosophy of "parallel reality colored by mystic visions".

Watch the Massimo Scoponi video for Weird Bloom's “Guardian of the Men” that takes you to the the ancient outskirts of Rome to witness Luca & Matteo's self-styled transcendent performance piece. Strange pagan rituals emerge in analog splashes of vivid light, effects & creative animation that hearkens back to the imperial era of Claudius, to even before the eras of empirical rule. Check out the premiere recently featured in Impose Magazine.