The island of Jamaica gave birth to reggae music and introduced it to the world. Roots, dancehall, rub-a-dub, raggamuffin, dancehall and dub are are all part of the authentic reggae expression and no one embraces these styles with such reverence, joy and vibrancy than Alborosie, who is currently one of the most renowned artists on Planet Reggae. Though born in Sicily, dreadlocked Alberto D’Ascola has been rooted in Jamaica for over 15 years and is more than just a singer. He is also a talented musician, arranger, producer and respected member of Jamaican culture. Alborosie has built his reputation on a resolutely analogical approach dedicated to delivering authentic sounds, with a socially-conscious, profound message. Accompagnied by the well-known Shengen Clan, the globetrotter has already performed on the world’s largest stages. He celebrates his 25-year career, touring throughout 2018 with The Unbreakable Tour and his new album Alborosie Meets The Wailers United - Unbreakable released on June 29th 2018.