Alice Phoebe Lou


Alice Phoebe Lou moved to Berlin to become a professional busker in 2013. A year later, funded by money she made busking on the streets of Berlin, she self-released her debut EP Momentum. She has since released 4 studio LPs, 2 live LPs, 1 EP and a few singles as an independent artist. Untainted by commercial ambition Alice still performs on the street, as much as circumstances allow and when not on tour.

Alice and her band performed 102 shows throughout 2019. With touring coming to a standstill in 2020 Alice took the initiative to build a studio with her musician friends in Berlin to have a place to go to work on their music and to collectively develop their skills in engineering and producing their own recordings. After much searching she found a place in an abandoned building in East Berlin and undertook the task of soundproofing it and finding instruments, amps and analogue recording gear to work with. Some they bought second hand, other amazing gear they were graciously lent by friends from a few different recording studios.

On the 19th of March 2021 Alice released her third studio LP as an independent artist. Glow is a breathtaking work full of visceral star-dusted songs in which Alice articulated her deepest thoughts and emotions: «after traveling the world & touring my ass off last year, this record has been born of a complete shift & stark contrast. I've never spent this much time alone, in one place, or even in the city I live in. As someone who placed socialising & connection above everything (often my own needs) I'm grateful to have been pushed to confront myself & become a bit of a hermit. I shaved my head, had an ego death and started writing songs straight from my heart, without editing the words to sound cooler, & stopping myself from feeling self conscious about expressing my vulnerabilities».

With touring still on a global standstill and a studio to work at daily, Alice was soon ready to record yet another album. She and her best friends and musical partners Ziv and Daklis travelled to beautiful British Columbia to make a record with David Parry who had produced Glow the year before:«the process was simple and intuitive, using an 8 track tape machine and allowing the very new songs to grow into themselves. We worked tirelessly on a limited schedule, so used to each other by now from recording ‘Glow’ together that it felt easy and enjoyable».

Out of those intuitive recording sessions on Vancouver Island Child’s Play was born. Alice decided this would be a surprise release, an unexpected end of the year gift to her fans and so without forewarning on the 2nd of December she “dropped” the album globally for all to enjoy.

Alice will soon embark on yet another tour, playing various shows in Europe and North America as she keeps writing new songs, with more new music set to be recorded soon and released when it feels right to her.