Après La Classe

Après La Classe


Agent: Attilio Perissinotti

E-mail: attilio@bpmconcerti.com

Contact for booking: Roberto de Luca

E-mail: r.deluca@tridentmusic.it



The band Apres La Classe comes to life in 1996 in Aradeo, a small town in the heart of Salento. From the first live in apulian clubs to real tours in Italy and Europe, the band established itself thanks to great songs created without stylistic limits and to the power of the energetic and engaging live show. In 2002, the band released the first record “Apres La Classe” (Edel Music). The single “Paris” became the soundtrack of the Galbani tv spot, theme song for the tv program “Le Iene” and for the radio program “Sold Out” on Radio 105. In 2004, Apres La Classe released the second album “A number”. The following year, they won as band revelation of the year, the awarded by Super Club Live and Assomusica associations. In 2006, they released their first studio album “Luna Park” and celebrated ten years of live activity in a great show in Sternatìa (Lecce) with their friends Sud Sound System, Caparezza and Negramaro. In April 2010, Apres La Classe released the new album “Mammalitaliani” (Sunny Cola/ Universal Music). The title track, produced along with Caparezza, became the hit on radio and on tv in the summer 2010, awarded from MEI and remixed by Two Fingerz. Mammalitaliani tour, which started in May 2010, had no stop in Italy and the band also toured in USA, with shows in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and in Switzerland at Montreaux Jazz Festival. After four years on tour, the band returns in studio in order to create a new album, the most introspective and deepest, Riuscire a Volare. This new work contains the collaboration with Giuliano Sangiorgi from Negramaro. On June 9th 2017, the band returns to their typical sound with the new album “Circo Manicomio”: a special mix of sounds and rhythms from latin, rock and reggae. In July 2019, they released the single Nada Contigo, featuring Alborosie, and in Novembre 2019 the last single Salvador.

Nada contigo