Auroro Borealo


Performer, singer, author, Auroro Borealo has been carrying out for years various research and dissemination activities on the "differently beautiful" in parallel with music: in 2018 he gave life to the Instagram page Libri Brutti which currently has 45,000 followers and since 2006 manages the site He has a weekly podcast entitled NASCOSTIFY which searches on Spotify for Italian artists of the present and the past who have less than a thousand monthly listeners, tells them and makes them discover every Monday with an illustrious guest. In addition, he has created a record label, Talento, through which he promotes artists outside the box and maps. He is also the one who uploaded the Literal videos to YouTube and above all the 10 minute video of breaded slices. All these passions have now merged into Auroro Borealo's TikTok account, where you can find columns such as "libri brutti", "le peggiori copertine di dischi italiani", "cose che ho imparato a fare in pandemia" and many others. After the announcement of his new Assembramento Tour, four dates in very small venues in order to re-embrace his audience and minimize distances after two difficult years, Auroro has released EH, the first Italian album designed specifically for TikTok. 5 songs with an average length of 35 seconds, for a total of exactly 3 minutes for the entire album.