Andrea Molteni, aka Axos, began his musical career at a very young age. At 22 he begins to go on stage for the first contests that lead him in touch with Bullz Records. In 2014 he released the first EP, Carne Viva. His descriptive ability and naturally refined language do not go unnoticed. The rhythm and influences from the other genres, mainly Rock and Metal, create a unique sound. Axos is contacted by Machete to collaborate on Machete mixtape 3 and Bloody Vynil.
His music is mature, refined but at the same time it flows thanks to his musicality. The same year Axos decides to leave Bullz Records to start a solo road, in which to channel his tastes and experiences without anyone else influencing his choices. Thus the album "Mitridate" was born, a milestone in Italian hardcore.

Axos collaborates with other artists, including Salmo and Nitro in the writing of Title?, certified Platinum. His talent is undeniable and his dedication is total. Travel, play, until he receives Machete's final proposal. In 2017 with Machete he published Anima Mea which achieves more than four million plays on Spotify. Andrea is still not satisfied. In studio with a great team, he begins a new path, he leaves Machete and releases the new album Iron Maiden. The journey continues with Corpus: L'amore Sopra, the new EP with Universal. With the new label he also released a series of singles that lead to the creation of Anima Mundi, the new album awaited by his fans, on 30th October 2020. Among the artist of his album we find Kina, Ghemon e Rosa Chemical.