Black Snake Moan

Black Snake Moan

Agent: Alessandro Ceccarelli


09 July 2020

FIRENZE – Manifattura Tabacchi

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BLACK SNAKE MOAN is a sound research project, which has its roots in the Blues atmosphere and desert imagery, with a psychedelic nuance.Atypical One Man Band, with different artistic connotations of reference, that of Marco Contestabile, is a project halfway between sound and spiritual evocation. Black Snake Moan performs, juggling with drums, guitar and vocals, he has also found confirmation in terms of important awards, such as the victories achieved in the 2017 editions of the Arezzo Wave and MEI SuperStage competitions, which allowed him to get noticed by employees and the public. PHANTASMAGORIA is the new album, (released in October 2019) a stream of consciousness  between darkness and light, the strong complementary dualism that describes the theme of the new work by BLACK SNAKE MOAN. A dark fire that evokes a succession of optical illusions, a rapid succession of images, visions that strongly affect the senses and the imagination. Darkness and Light alternate in the path, an eternal cyclicality, a guiding line between reality and fantasy. An interpretration of stylistic elements that mix psychedelic rock with a significant influence coming from Indian music, a blues mantra, spiritual and lysergic adherence, desert drowsiness wrapped in mystery.