Agent: Alessandro Ceccarelli



03 October 2021

ROMA – Romaeuropa Festival



BLUEM is the project of Chiara Floris, a young Sardinian singer-songwriter and producer. Moving to London in 2014 to study music, she began writing and producing her original songs. In 2018 she independently released his debut EP sung in English and composed of three songs: Picolina. In 2021 his first EP in Italian will be released, entitled NOTTE. After the nostalgic and lunar journey in the post-love desert of MONDAY (debut in Italian) BLUEM returns with MARTEDÌ, the new single from the young Sardinian singer-songwriter and producer. Born in the space of a day in the BLUEM room, TUESDAY is the most emblematic song of the artist's writing and production process, and contains all the elements that also characterize NOTTE, his first album in Italian to be released in the spring for Peermusic Italy. When does trauma stop being trapped? When you become aware of what you have lived and accept for what it has been. TUESDAY accompanies us, step by step, in the analysis of an experienced trauma, in a reflection that is perhaps also healing itself. "I say that you do not exist, even if you insist" is the phrase that best expresses what it means to experience a trauma, to be deeply marked by something that characterizes our behavior in everyday life, and in any case not wanting to admit its presence.