Boomdabash are considered one of the best Italian reggae band, they are able to cleverly mix reggae, soul, drum and bass and hip hop’s elements as one that’s really original and amazing, as evidence of the great versatility of the band in moving between different range and musical styles. In their last single there are also references to a lot of social issues dear to the band. In their songs, Boomdabash have always dealt with issues originated from the careful observation and analysis of some problems that afflict the society right now: from bullying to homosexual rights and they have also spoken up in support of people who are socially and unintentionally more weak.In this new adventure the four members of the band (Biggie Bash, Payà, Blazon and Mr. Ketra) perform a lot of songs live from their last album Barracuda – Predator Edition 2019.

During the live shows, there are the best moments of their musical career, with their greatest songs, from Portami con te to Il solito italiano, not forgetting also Non ti dico no, already certified double platinum from FIMI, which music video that has passed 40 million views online. During the live shows there will be the opportunity to listen to Per un milione, which has been introduced at Sanremo 2019 and is still at the top of the charts, going insane on Spotify with million of streams and becoming one of the most requested and played songs on the radio. Per un milione, which is already certified double platinum from FIMI/GFK and which music video has almost 50 million views online, is also available in it’s Spanish version Que te enamores featuring Cupido and Portusclan El Tigre.The band achieved another double platinum with Mambo salentino (feat Alessandra Amoroso) and this is the most broadcasted song on the radio: Boomdabash won the award of Power Hits Estate 2019. Through the unstoppable energy which characterizes them on the stage, Boomdabash are ready to make their audience dance and to impress them with a lot of surprises and special effects.