Dardust is a pianist, composer, and one of the most important producers in Italy. He presents the first Italian instrumental music project to combine a minimalist piano world with contemporary North European electronic imagery.  “S.A.D. STORM AND DRUGS” is the final chapter in his album trilogy that crosses the Berlin-Reykjavík-London axis, both geographically and musically, drawing inspiration from these cities.“S.A.D. STORM AND DRUGS” isan autobiographical work, a journey that traces Dardust's life from childhood to the man he is today, going through emotional storms and finding a sense of redemption.For the album titled Dardust was inspired by the term "Sturm und Drang", a German movement of the late eighteenth century whose protagonists included writers and painters such as Goethe and Caspar David Friedrich. “S.A.D. STORM AND DRUGS” opens with Sublime, a song that reveals the double soul of Dardust - capable of putting together two different images. It continues with Prisma, a symbol of creativity and the music that saved him; the album proceeds through songs that tell his story, from emotional storms to the desire to discover new musical territories, widening the perspectives of the genre in which Dardust is placed. The album ends with Beautiful Solitude, a sort of final redemption that is also perfectly represented by the album cover which portrays Dardust with a raised arm in a sign of victory.“S.A.D. STORM AND DRUGS” it is an important album by an innovative artist, capable of creating a unique imagination.