Duo Bucolico

Duo Bucolico


Agent: Alessandro Ceccarelli

E-mail: cecca@bpmconcerti.com

Contact for booking: Roberto de Luca

E-mail: r.deluca@tridentmusic.it


03 August 2021

MARINA DI RAVENNA (RA) – Finisterre Beach


09 August 2021

SAN LEO (RN) – Rassegna Estiva

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11 August 2021


free entry

18 August 2021

VERGIANO (RN) – Dancing tra le stelle


19 August 2021

PESARO – Artevida


05 September 2021

VICENZA – Porto Burci


17 September 2021

FORLI' – Oktober Little Fest



Duo Bucolico comes to life in 2005 in Romagna by Antonio Ramberti and Daniele Maggioli. The two artists write 'avant-garde illogical songwriting' songs and always manage to arouse the general hilarity. Their style is deliberately euphoric and ironic, made of a thoughtful lightness that is always contaminated by a gaze that is both anthropological and anarchic. Each show is a concentration of improvisation and freedom (between electronic beats, vaniloquies, strange nursery rhymes and songwriters), in a continuous search for contact with their audience, very heterogeneous and loyal. They have seven albums under their belt, the latest of which is "Random" (Cinedelic Records) released in April 2019. RandomTour sees them in the summer of 2019 on the stages of the biggest Italian festivals (Core, Botanique, Alta Felicità), they are also among the official guests of the Jova Beach Tour, the great tour of Lorenzo Jovanotti's on beaches across Italy.

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