Elasi is a singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer from Alessandria whose musical style is filled with experiences from travels from around the real and imaginary world. With classic guitar training from the Vivaldi Conservatory in Alessandria, music production at a Los Angeles studio and two-years of songwriting at the Pier Paolo Pasolini Arts Workshop in Rome, in October 2018, Elasi releases her first single Benessere. The song immediately attracts the public and critic attention, thanks to the colorful and liquid sound that characterizes the entire production of the artist, capable of intertwining the most varied musical influences, from afrobeat to bossanova, from R&B to funk, from nu jazz to experimental electronics, from house to glam rock. In January 2019, the song Vivo di Vividi Dubbi is released. In November 2019, the single Si salvi chi può is released for Sugar and in April 2020 the song Continenti (Sugar).

In recent years, Elasi has performed on the stages of many prestigious Italian realities (Blue Note, MI AMI Festival, Home Festival) and has won scholarships, competitions and prizes for her artistic project (Bando ORA! X, Best Song Award and Best arrangement award for the Bindi Award, Artist of the month on MTV New Generation, finalist on Rai 1 at the Lelio Luttazzi Award, scholarship for Berklee Umbria Jazz Clinics).

Anticipated by the singles Valanghe and EsplodigodiCampi Elasi is her debut EP, released on October 28th 2020 for NVM/Sugar, which contains developed remote collaborations with musicians from all over the world, creating colorful, border geographic and stylistic superfluid sounds, that have conquered the press and listeners.  

Elasi regularly collaborates with emerging and experimental fashion designers from all over the world (Amorphose, He Zhoxuan, Florentina Leitner, Chrishabana, Christoph Ritter Studio, Yvmin, Percy Lau) who send Elasi their creations for photo and video sets. In 2020, she collaborates in the realization, with her face and music, in the advertising spot for WOVO, well-known sexy shop and community from Milan and is the resident DJ and sound designer in the installation in the Cartier Pasha Hub. Radio Raheem, the reference radio of the Italian electronic scene, chooses Elasi as the resident DJ entrusting her with the Oasi Elasi program and Italia Music Export program has chosen her to remotely perform at the LUCfest in Taiwan. In 2021, she created Poche, an open collective of Italian electronic producers that wants to give visibility, creating new opportunities for female producers, aiming for greater inclusion within the Italian music industry, in addition to winning Musiccultura 2021. In 2021 released Cocoricò, a song that launches itself into the rhythm of summer, fresh and effervescent, capable of lightly tackling an extraordinarily important and current issue: that of ecology.

She is currently working on his first album out for Trident / Polydor Italia with collaborations with important artists from both the electronic and international world scene. XXL is her latest single with Populus, Italian bulwark of the international electronic scene, with which Elasi gives shape and rhythm to a song that flies through infinite and dancing skies, that dances on inflatable castles of desires, as always drawing on the most varied sound worlds. His new single Sottopelle is released on April 28th.