Agent: Alessandro Ceccarelli

E-mail: cecca@bpmconcerti.com


03 February 2021

Milano – Arci Bellezza



Elisa Massara, aka Elasi, was born in 1993 in Alessandria but is based in Milan, where she began her studies at the conservatory. Elasi loves to travel, both with her head and around the world, on the dirty safari roads and in the forgotten corners of Google, in search of oddities, sounds and distant rhythms which impregnate her music. She releases in 2019 her two singles Benessere and Vivo di Vividi Dubbi. In her sound you can breathe scents of different styles: from afrobeat to house, from bossa to funk. The last single is Si Salvi Chi Può, the first with her new label Sugar. In summer 2019, she takes part at the MIAMI Festival and the Home Festival. 

Si Salvi Chi Può