Born in 2002, born and raised in Lugano. Ele A also called, simply, Ele. Tightrope walker. “Like a Nokia 3310 of the future. Everything you can know about her can be found in the barrage of bars released one by one on her Instagram profile and on YouTube: freestyle on old school or pop bases (from Wiz Khalifa to Walking On A Dream by Empire Of The Sun ). Her street pop taste actually conceals a manifest love for the aesthetics of rap, and a pure creed: "you use music to have something else instead for me it is the ultimate goal". In June 2022 she released her first Ep, Zerodue Demo, a self-produced record that is distributed exclusively in physical form, in a long summer tour of over 20 dates, which takes her to prestigious stages in Italy and abroad, from the Mi Ami Fest in Milan , at the Sziget Festival in Budapest. In November she debuted on the platforms with the first single "Mikado", followed by "Globo" and a featuring in "C'est la vie" by the French saxophonist Laurent Bardeinne.