Agent: Attilio Perissinotti

E-mail: attilio@bpmconcerti.com

Contact for booking: Massimo Tamburini

E-mail: massimo@bpmconcerti.com


08 February 2022

MILANO – Magazzini Generali


10 February 2022

TORINO – Hiroshima Mon Amour


12 February 2022

PADOVA – C.S.O. Pedro



Ensi is one of the most important italian rapper, with a solid career and a rising journey in entertainment. He was born in 1985 in Alpignano, in the outskirts of Turin, a reality he talks about a lot in his songs, just like his second home, Sicily, and his adopted city, Milan, where he lives with his wife and his son Vincent, to who he decicated his last album.Freestyle makes Ensi an icon of this genre. His palmares is the richest, we can remember the victories in the most recognized events as the Italian championships of freestyle: “Tecniche Perfette” (winner in Milan and Italian finalist in 2003), 2TheBeat (winner in 2005 and finalist in 2006) and the first edition of MTV Spit (winner), on air on MTV in 2012. In the same year, he performed live with Samuel, member of the Subsonica band on the stage of MTV Hip Hop Awards and he won the award as Best Freestyler.His first album is “Vendetta”, that he produced himself in 2008, and from that he realised other 8 albums till the last one named “V”, edited by Warner Music Group in 2007, which includes ‘4.20’, the song that made he achieved his first gold album. He has collaborated with some of the most famous Italian rappers, like Salmo, Gué Pequeno, Raige, Rayden, Clementino, Mondo Marcio, Kaos One, Madmen, Gemitaiz, Noyz Narcos. The new album, “Clash”, was released on the 1st of February for Warner Music Group.Ensi is considered one of the most important rapper in this industry, thanks to his credibility, his artistic depht and his ability to stand up with the contents of his songs. His versatility makes him unique, managing to become a cross section figure and keeping a strong hip hop identity.He does a lot of different extra musical activities: radio host on Radio Deejay of the program “One Two One Two” with Emis Killa, narrator of the movie “Numero Zero – Alle origini del rap italiano”, (the first Italian documentary to join Netflix), actor in the movie “Zeta”, directed by Cosimo Alemà, in which he plays himself. And also, guest star in the project “#Fuoriclasse”, made by Action Aid in Zimbabwe with Chef Rubio, commentator for Tim Vision at the last edition of Sanremo’s Festival, guest in some episodes of the program “Sbandati” and “Nemo” on Rai2. There are a lot of invitations for TV where he has spoken about music, but he was invited also for his ability to host and his passion for sport (like Rygby Social Club on DMAX) and for stand up comedy.In march 2018, he became the official speaker and artistic director, with Clementino, Fabri Fibra, Gué Pequeno, Marracash and Salmo, of TRX, a web-radio completely dedicated to rap music and available as a free app. He is the testimonial of Dolly Noire’s new collection, streetwear brand in Italy. He is a partner of Adidas, Juventus and Red Bull.He released Clash in 2019, and then Clash Again, a great album in which he fights against himself and his thoughts.