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Contact for booking: Michela Verrillo

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17 April 2020




Mirco Mariani and Moreno “Il Biondo” Conficconi meet at Labotron in Bologna - a sound research studio centered on rarely used musical instruments with a wide expressive range and a strong personality - among mellotrons and rudimentary drum machines. This is the place where Extraliscio’s songs come to life, where traditional songs get new sounds and arrangements. This is the way in which Extraliscio orchestra’s ultra-modernist show is born. It debuts with a 45 rpm record in which there is a rumba re-arrangement of a song written by Secondo and Raoul Casadei and an unpublished cha cha cha. Two powerful and delicate songs, interpreted by Romagna’s voice, Mauro Ferrara. In the album, published in 2016, there is polka, waltz, fox trot, beguine, cumbia, dixie boogie and mariachi trumpets. BPM Concerti, Extraliscio’s booking agency, has produced two live previews of the Extraliscio’s show - one in Rimini at the Grand Hotel, one of Fellini’s scenarios, and the other one in Bologna - and they turned out to be a great live experience.There’s a place called Valdazze, a little town in Arezzo’s province, close to Emilia Romagna’s border, renown as “Villaggio del Cantante” (Singers’ town).
It is signaled with painted white big handwritten words pointing out at a place that was once dreamt, conceived and designed accordig to a romantic, crazy and idealistic model. Last March, there was an event dedicated to the ex “Villaggio del Cantante” and to its balera (dancing club). Extraliscio says
that “Notte da ballo Extraliscio a
Valdazze” (Extraliscio’s dancing night in
Valdazze) was born in order to
rediscover a place that Secondo
Casadei already cared about. Late in the ‘60s, Casadei played in Valdazze with his orchestra and he also dedicated a song to this place. This is part of a wider project of revival and enhancement of traditional dancing clubs. Places that are forgotten or abandoned, but that with our balera punk can be brought back to the sheen of their glorious days.” During this extraordinary night, RSI’s channel Cult+ filmed a special documentary. Extraliscio is not only music and dancing but it is also an attitude. An attitude of the past thrown into the future: balera punk. A real entertainment format

Onda Del Mar