Luca Jacoboni was born in Bologna in 1995. He takes his first steps in the world of discography with Le Ceneri e i Monomi, an adolescent experience thanks to which he will be able to understand what he is looking for in music. He grew up and studied in his hometown where in 2012 he began his first work experience in the world of radio and, simultaneously, in the world of audio. In 2017 he took the role of Fosco17 to feel free to write the plots of his life and those around him in music.In 2018 he released his first single, Dicembre, with which he participated in Sanremo Giovani.
In March 2019 he publishes his EP, Prima Stagione, thanks to which he will have the opportunity to perform on dozens of different occasions throughout Italy.
In October 2019 he publishes his debut album Dodici Mesi, which will be followed by his first official tour.Fosco17 is a name in continuous sonic evolution, it is musical craftsmanship in movement. In search of the perfect combination of simplicity and elegance, at the service of normality. Fosco17 is the anti-stereotype, who lives in common places, the anti-extravagant who sings original stories, it is the anti-eccentric that is unusual. Fosco17 is anti pop and commercial; more simply it is Pop-Synthetic