Generic Animal

Generic Animal


Agent: Alessandro Ceccarelli


Contact for booking: Rosaria Uricchio

Phone: +39 02760851


19 February 2021

MILANO – Santeria Toscana 31



Generic animal is the musical project of the twenty-five year old, Luca Galizia. Coming from the emo punk scene, He started his solo career in 2018 releasing two albums “self titled” (January 2018), “Emoranger” (June 2018), for la Tempesta dischi. His sound is pretty much influenced by his background, rooted in the late 2000’s midwest emo, folk-tronic production and a spark of r’n’b. After touring and releasing two albums and few singles like “Aeroplani” and “gattino”, he started collaborating with few of the main artists from the Italian Rap and trap scene, such as Ketama126, Mecna and Massimo Pericolo. Working as a guitar composer and artistic producer and often singing.  In 2019, he released a new single “Sorry”, announcing his third Album “Presto”,out on the 21st of February 2020, for La Tempesta and Island record. He’s back, live with a full band, and he’ll be playing all around Italy.