Gionny Scandal

Gionny Scandal


Agent: Attilio Perissinotti



10 February 2022

MILANO – Alcatraz


11 February 2022

TORINO – Hiroshima Mon Amour



“Black Mood” is GionnyScandal’s new album, it was released the 6th of September for Virgin Records (Universal Music Italy). After the perfect response of the previous songs “Ti amo Ti odio” (over 8.9 million views for the official video and “Dove sei” (over 3.2 million of views for, and following the success of viral hits that have received million of streams and views on youtube like “Per sempre” (over 25 million of views for and “Solo te e me” (over 32 million of views for, both certified gold from FIMI, “Black Mood” is the album with which GionnyScandal, the idol of a lot of young lover of Emo Tramp made in Italy, opens a new chapter in music.

This album is a mix of different elements where the Emo melodies interwine with trap giving life to some of the unique sounds in their genre. Rich of musical suggestions, Black Mood is an explosion of freshness and truth, the result of the evolution of Gionny who never gave up even though his troubles and his singular story, going through it only with the strength of music.

In a society 4.0 that is usually frayed by envy and hate, Black Mood wants to make us think how fundamental it is to not lose human relationships. The international appeal of the album is to research in overseas collaborations, it is enriched by the featuring with Global Dan, the king of Emo Trap in America for the song “Goodbye”. In the album there are also collaborations with Cyrus Yung and Cal Amies.