Agent: Gianni Stifani

E-mail: a.favrin@tridentmusic.it

Contact for booking: Massimo Tamburini

E-mail: massimo@bpmconcerti.com


07 April 2022

MILAN – Santeria Toscana 31


09 April 2022

ROME – Monk


13 April 2022

LONDON – Signature Brew



Karakaz, so cruel and bitter.
Karakaz is nobody's son, an abandoned wandering soul.
Karakaz is a mistake; a mistake that can change your life, for better or for worse. Maybe both. Sprains, contortions, bruises, monotony, concrete, love.
He serves his guts on a silver plate, don't eat them with cutlery, use your hands, get dirty.
Karakaz is a spirit of the past, who has known the future but who has been trapped in the present.
Victim and executioner of his immense ego.
The black and white of the most colorful of rainbows.
Karakaz is you, everyone, whether you like it or not.

Karakaz is the project of the multifaceted Michele Corvino
Live with his band formed by Luigi Pianezzola (synth and bass), Massimo De Liberi (Guitars), Sebastiano Cavagna (Drums)