L'Officina della Camomilla


The Officina della Camomilla was born in 2008 in Milan as a solo project by Francesco De Leo. The idea of a band was born a short time later with the meeting between De Leo and Stefano Poletti, a musician but above all a videomaker (he has worked with Baustelle, TARM and many others). However, his debut album came in 2013 with "Senontipiacefalostesso Uno" for Garrincha Dischi, after the hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube of self-produced tracks. In the wake of the success of the first album, the following year "Senontipiacefalostesso Due" (2014, Garrincha Dischi/Audioglobe) was released and, in between, numerous Ep's were released containing unreleased songs and scattered songs. Then follow Palazzina Liberty (2016, Garrincha Dischi) and the collection of one hundred songs between demos and unpublished Antologia della Cameretta (2017, Garrincha Dischi).

The stylistic feature of the band is the light-heartedness with which it represents in music "what passes outside one's window"; And the window from which L'Officina Della Camomilla looks at the world overlooks the Milano dei Navigli, Parco Sempione, area C, Brera, the military areas. Characters, real or imaginary, who are not afraid to tell or to be told, figures who meet and glide as fast as landscapes through the windows of a tram, barely hinted at guys who could be (were) us after all. The songs are like snapshots, a palette on which "ours" pour pastel colors and reflections at 360°, without pompous rhetoric or wishful thinking of universal judgments. Songs can come to life from notes, surreal thoughts, modeled hallucinations, cloudy skies, from every little sensation that surfaces under the skin.

Toy instruments and keyboards mixed with clapping, distorted guitars à la Libertines of the golden age, an Alex Turner who prefers macabre nursery rhymes to arctic monkeys' walls of sound. Bad fairy tales, less nervous passages reminiscent of the best The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. The love-hate for Milan, the alienation in non-places and for increasingly improbable jobs, played on hints of lullabies so as not to sleep, as the never too late Pier Vittorio Tondelli would say. And then, the fascination for uptempo and sweeter pop, the kind that makes you fall in love, made to celebrate the most awaited returns in unlikely places.