Singer-songwriter born in 1998, M.e.r.l.o.t grows up in Grassano in Basilicata. In 2017 he moved to Bologna to continue his studies and began to take his first steps in music, passing from acoustic to electronic sounds with the help of his first producer Eyem. Although at the beginning he had a limited budget, he managed to produce the first pieces and with his debut single Ventitrè he reached almost six million streams in a short time, consecrating himself as a Spotify revelation at the end of 2019 (the single to date has over ten million stream). He is thus convinced to definitely follow his talent. In 2020 he made his debut in Virgin Records with the song Sparami nel Petto, which reaches over 2.5 million streams on Spotify. In 2020 he is selected by the Artistic Commission of New Proposals led by Amadeus for the final of Sanremo Giovani with the song Sette volte.

In the spring he publishes the unpublished Denti, a song that, as typical of Manuel, is born in the room, guitar and voice. The single governed by melancholy unfolds on the theme of memory. Denti is the story of a love story that has now ended, accompanied by the contrast between the pain of the end of the relationship and the nostalgic smile that takes up space by rethinking the strong emotions experienced. The piece is produced by Alex D'Errico, who creates an essential but immediate production capable of perfectly reflecting the musical universe of M.e.r.l.o.t.

In the summer of 2021 M.e.r.l.o.t presents its live songs on a ten-date tour throughout the peninsula and gets positive feedback from the public and professionals.

In October 2021 it is time for the song Alieni whose video is based on a simple metaphor where the torch (which is a boy) and the key (a girl) are looking for a world where there are no problems and where everything is simple, their relationship as well.

In January 2022 he premiered the song Ma dai on TikTok, a romantic guitar and voice ballad that gets over two hundred thousand streams in a month on Spotify. «'Ma dai', it's that song you should dedicate to yourself» - says M.e.r.l.o.t - «it's the strength to react and move forward lightly. I imagine a figure with a suitcase looking at the road in front of him and hinting at a smile despite having a mountain of problems on his shoulders».

At the beginning of April, M.e.r.l.o.t collaborates with Wake-up for the song (tuttoqua) and at the end of the month he publishes Tacco 9, a single in which the more electronic side of the project emerges and which anticipates the release of the debut album scheduled for the autumn. .