Leonardo Parmeggiani, aka Mancha, born in 1999. He grows in the province of Bologna and shapes his musical culture with a 360-degree journey that touches the milestones of all musical genres of the last century, jazz, hip hop and soul, combining them with the contemporary sounds. Enfant prodigy of a place not yet identified, for many Mancha comes from the United States because of his funk, for others from the Jazz subcultures of the big cities, but he does not define himself as a son of rhythm & blues because he has a not indifferent future techno shield. We still don't know where Mancha comes from, but he plays it all for real, produces and sings. Delicate, but still strong, it is the contemporary evolution of the greats of the past, and the slightly nostalgic one of the greats of the present. Mancha is detached, linear, identifying and with a lot of places for us to discover.