Modena City Ramblers


Modena City Ramblers were born in 1991 as an Irish folk group, in love with the music and traditions of the Emerald Isle. Thirty full years of successes, both from the recording and the live tour point of view, both in Italy and Europe. The 2020 stop has forcibly kept the band away from their fans, which was used to around 80 dates a year. Nonetheless, the great family of Modena City Ramblers tried to stay close to their fans and in 2021 they carried out the celebrations for the 30 years of their career with the usual spirit, with music and the extreme closeness to their audience. The beginning was given with the streaming concert for St Patrick’s day, directly from the stage of Estragon Club in Bologna. Today, in full compliance with the anti-Covid19 regulations, the Modena City Ramblers are ready to return on tour.