Nashley Rodeghiero, aka Nashley, was born in 2000 in the province of Vicenza. He cultivated a passion for writing by trying his hand at poetry from an early age, and then devoting himself to writing rhymes, stanzas and refrains. He loves rap because "it describes the thoughts of us young people who spend most of the day on the street." With his crew mate MamboLosco, in 2017, he publishes the songs Come se fosse normaleMe lo sento e Piano Piano Way, obtaining millions of plays and establishing himself among the most interesting promises of the Italian trap scene. In October 2018 he made his debut with the album Real, which sees among the guests artists of the caliber of MamboLosco and Guè Pequeno. The single extract Nuovi Jeans collects the favor of the public and critics, reaching its first FIMI / GfK Italia certification as a gold record in a few months. At the beginning of 2019 he released the new single Cenere, certified platinum (data released by FIMI / GfK Italia), which is among the artist's most listened to songs. After concluding 2019 with the release of How cold is it in collaboration with Giaime, in 2020 he publishes the EP Ancora in Piedi. It prepares for the release of new music, opening 2021 with the single Giovane e Triste and Soli Assieme. In 2021 Nashley gave us samples of his new artistic path with Soli Assieme, a song that helped the artist to find a musical path without rules and labels, bringing him out of a period of crisis, and Giovane e Triste, a song that combines urban and pop sounds on a minimalist, which lets the words pronounce all the depth of the message: the artist is trapped in a desperation that will lead him to approach the fragile figure of Kurt Cobain, in a successful life which, however, fails to fill the void he feels inside.