Born in 1994, Nayt, aka William Mezzanotte, entered with great determination the list of the most interesting news of 2018. The publication of the singles Animal, Fame, Gli occhi della tigre, and participation to Real Talk with a record-breaking episode, are just a taste of the new chapter in the career of the Roman artist.

Despite his young age, the name of Nayt has been around for some time in the music scene.

The first time that the attention of the general public has focused on his music was with the release of the single No Story, produced by 3D, the producer with whom he also currently works. The partnership between the two, matured and consolidated over time, leading to the rapper's approach to the VNT1 label, a reality founded by 3D and of which Nayt has now become a partner and face. Since then, Nayt has managed to build a solid path based on facts and coherence, establishing himself as one of the most technical, prolific and innovative names in the Italian rap scene, forging collaborations with some of the greatest exponents of the genre in Italy.

On March 15, 2019, the third volume of Raptus is released, the series of projects he started in 2015. The album debuts at number 2 in the Italian charts and all the songs contained within entered the top 50 on Spotify .

A year later, the project reaches 100 million streams in total, giving Nayt a rightful place among the greats of the Italian hip hop scene. In September 2020 Non voglio fare cose normali, is released, an autobiography in which Nayt recounts his childhood and adolescence and the early years of his career. In December of the same year the last studio album was released, entitled Mood, where the rapper got naked, starting his introspective journey and creating a union between his private path and dealing with related issues to contemporaneity, with the sole purpose of stirring the consciences of the listener.

In April of this year, Tutto il resto è noi, is released, the single which together with the acoustic versions of Favolacce and Passerà enriched the tracklist of the artist's latest record work.

Mortale, is released on October 8th 2021, followed the following week by La Mia Noia. Both singles anticipate the new album DOOM, released on October 29th, which the artist continues the introspective journey with, originally started with MOOD, taking us even deeper into the human soul and giving voice to the personal and social problems of the genre human.