Pierpaolo Capovilla e I Cattivi Maestri


After the historic militancy in Il Teatro Degli Orrori, Pierpaolo Capovilla recently inaugurated the beginning of a new recording chapter together with Garrincha Dischi, with the release - on May 27th - of his first studio work with the unpublished PIERPAOLO CAPOVILLA project AND THE BAD MASTERS, a disruptive formation which also includes Egle Sommacal (Massimo Volume), Fabrizio Baioni (LEDA) and Federico Aggio (Lucertulas).
«Ten songs, eight punches and two caresses, to tell these times of violence and oppression, the country and the world in which we live». These are Capovilla's words to describe the new album which, in a historical moment affected by an unprecedented conflict in the heart of Europe, has war as its dominant theme. War understood as violence in its various meanings, be it military, symbolic or internal. Be it the one that kills the bodies or the one that wounds the heart. “What is feared on the record is what is happening now. It's not a prophecy, it's the terrible order of things."

Born in 1968, Pierpaolo Capovilla is a musician and author of the Italian independent rock scene. Singer and bassist of one of the seminal groups of the 90s, One Dimensional Man, with these he plays an endless series of concerts in Italy and Europe, and publishes 5 albums destined to leave their mark in the history of the most radical and uncompromising Italian rock. In 2005 he founded the group Il Teatro degli Orrori, with which he tries his hand at his usual sonorities, this time however singing in Italian, and between 2007 and 2015 he publishes 4 albums which obtain an unexpected success with audiences and critics. He plays bass on the first two albums of the Buñuel quartet, led by Eugene Sterling Robinson. In Capovilla's work his devotion to the bloodier rock tradition of American matrix, his affection for Russian poetry and dramaturgy are certainly distinguishable, but also his civil passion and attachment to democratic values, always reaffirmed both in concerts as well as in public gatherings.