Pierpaolo Capovilla

Pierpaolo Capovilla


Agent: Attilio Perissinotti

E-mail: attilio@bpmconcerti.com

Contact for booking: Rosaria Uricchio

E-mail: rosaria@bpmconcerti.com

Phone: rosaria@bpmconcerti.com

20 March 2020

MILANO – Arci Bellezza



Singer, bassist. Leader and founder of two of the groups that have marked the history of the intependent music in the last 10 years, Pierpaolo Capovilla has been amember of One Dimensional Man and Il Teatro degli Orrori, and he recently took part in a cycle of readings taken from Matteo De Simone’s novel Denti Guasti, and in the reading The Religion of My Time, dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini. A long journey for Pierpaolo, until the solo project and the new album, released via Universal Music/La Tempesta label.

Come Ti Vorrei