Agent: Attilio Perissinotti


Contact for booking: Roberto de Luca


On June 29th 2018, the Protoje’s new success, A Matter of Time, was released world-wide. The artist has played throughout Europe, and in the last tour, has touched over 12 countries, playing on the main stages of the largest and most renowned European festivals. The club tour starts on October 26th and has 24 shows in just one month. Protoje is still on tour with his historical band, "The Indiggnation", in which the best Jamaican musicians play, and their concert has always been considered one of the best reggae shows in the world.
Protoje's fourth album, produced by Winta James, marks the second consecutive collaboration between the well-known artist and the producer, both Jamaicans, who in 2015, with Ancient Future, sanctioned a real revolution in the world reggae scene. With this album, the duo managed to perfect the right balance between hip-hop and traditional Jamaican sounds, and also for this "A Matter Of Time" wants to be a journey into a new dimension but with more than clear and solid roots.
The album has already been reviewed on Billboard, BBC UK, Le Monde, as well as having conquered and climbed all the reggae and world music charts all over the world.
Track 4 "Like This" has been added to the BBC Radio 1 playlist. The last strictly reggae song of the playlist dates back to 2015, the famous "Who Knows". Many songs from the new album are also included in playlists around the world, especially in France, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

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