Agent: Alessandro Ceccarelli



18 June 2021

MILANO – Spaghettiland

sold out

22 June 2021

MARINA DI RAVENNA – Finisterre Beach

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10 July 2021

COVO (BG) – Underwater Music Fest



After cmqmartina’s exploit, svegliaginevra is the next golden girl on La Clinica Dischi’s roster. Following the booming debut single “senza di me.”, the triumphant “Simone” and the feature with APICE in “Barche”, “Come fanno le onde” reached both critical and commercial success with over a million streams, and secured its way into Spotify Editorial Playlists such as Indie Italia, as well as having been aired in Italy’s national radios in heavy rotation. She ended her own 2020 with “Punto”, which picked her up exactly where she left and established her as a flourishing singer-songwriter. 
svegliaginevra’s fans can expect the awaited follow-up on the 16th April 2021, when she will be releasing her sixth single “Due” with La Clinica Dischi; the last step before her debut album “Le tasche bucate di felicità”.