Theø Plant e Fiks

Theø Plant e Fiks

Agent: Andrea Favrin


Contact for booking: Massimo Tamburini



20 April 2022

MILANO – Alcatraz


21 April 2022

ROMA – Teatro Centrale


28 April 2022

TORINO – Hiroshima Mon Amour


29 April 2022

RONCADE (TV) – New Age


30 April 2022

BOLOGNA – Locomotiv



La Sad, the trio formed by Theø, Plant and Fiks, was born in 2020 when the three artists decide to combine their musical paths and start a new collective characterized by punk sounds and imagery, but in a modern key. Theø, Plant and Fiks come respectively from Lombardy, Puglia and Veneto, but they are united by the common passion for music and the strong bond of friendship they have cultivated in recent years. Theø, singer and former guitarist with a lot of experience years in world tours, Plant, a very young promise who puts his roots in the trap and emotional scene and finally Fiks, with his very punk attitude and depressed lyrics.
Since the first single Summersad, the innovative direction of the three artists is evident, both in terms of sound and lyrics, bringing to light issues related to depression and relational problems. The following singles, Psycho Girl, Miss U and 2nite consolidate Sad's position in the Italian scene, confirming their aptitude to open new musical horizons.